What Is Rate Of Force Development?

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Hi there and welcome to post 61 of Strength and Conditioning For Therapists. Forgive me, it’s been a while since my last post (t sounds like I’m about to start a confession!). Like for many, life has been hectic recently. But, I think (hope) I’m through the bulk of the hectic-ness and I’m really glad […]

What is Conditioning Efficacy?

Hi there and welcome to post 60 of Strength & Conditioning For Therapists. When I started this series almost exactly two years ago, I never thought it would become so popular and would go for this long. I’m delighted that is has, and that it’s still going strong. There’s still so much to cover! Okay […]

Maintaining Specificity through Exercise Adaptation

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Hi there, we’re changing things up a little this week. Today in this short video for post 59 of strength & conditioning for therapists we’re going to have quick look at maintaining specificity through exercise adaptation. The Challenge of Rehabilitation Have you ever found yourself reducing the load of an exercise because it’s provocative to […]

Did You Get The Strength & Conditioning Training That You Needed?

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Welcome to post 58 of Strength & Conditioning For Therapists. I hope you’ve been enjoying the recent posts on adjuncts to rehab. Today and in line with the upcoming enrolment to the online S&C For Therapists course we’re going to go a little philosophical and explore whether or not strength & conditioning is needed in […]

Whole Body Vibration in Rehabilitation

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Hi all. Welcome to post 57 in the Strength & Conditioning For Therapists blog series, and part 2 on Whole Body Vibration (WBV). Last time we looked at what WBV was, addressed some of the pertinent methodological issues and its safety. Here we’re going to look at a bit of the evidence base for Whole […]

Whole Body Vibration

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Hello and happy new year! And don’t we hope for a much better 2021? Anyways, let’s not focus on that; today we’re back with post 56 of Strength & Conditioning For Therapists and number 3 in the sub-series of Adjuncts To Rehabilitation. Specifically, today we’ll be looking at whole body vibration (WBV), what is it […]

Strength & Conditioning For Therapists: Sponsored Place Blog

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Hi there. How are things with you today? I hope all’s well in whatever state of lockdown you’re in at the moment. I’m going to interrupt the adjuncts to rehabilitation series of posts and introduce a special guest: Wihan du Plessis. Wihan is the well-deserved recipient of the 3rd Sponsored Place on the Strength & […]

Blood Flow Restriction In Rehabilitation

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Hi there. Welcome to post 55 of Strength & Conditioning For Therapists and the second part exploring blood flow restriction training (BFR). Last week we covered the basics – what it was and how to do it. Today we’re going to look at the evidence, specifically: blood flow restriction training in rehabilitation and we’ll also […]

Blood Flow Restriction Training

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Hi there and welcome to post 54 of Strength & Conditioning For Therapists and the first in this sub-series of Adjuncts To Rehabilitation. Firstly, thanks to all of you who responded to my e-mail with suggestions of what to cover. There were lots of suggestions for things like blood flow restriction and electrical stimulation and […]

Minimising Losses & Maximising Gains in Lockdown

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Hi everyone and welcome the third in this three part series on the effects of lockdown on physical and psychological health and number 53 of Strength & Conditioning For Therapists. Last week Serena Simmons talked about the psychological impact of lockdown, the propensity to disengage from exercise and some strategies on how to support behaviour […]