Psychology of Buy-In

The Art & Science of Achieving Adherence

The essential psychological strategies to secure your patents’ engagement and continued improvements in their outcomes.

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Serena Simmons CPsychol

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So youve constructed the best rehab plan for your patient; an effective, systematic programme to enable a fast and effective return to normal function or sport; but here comes the next challenge – persuading your patient to engage, to ‘buy-in!


I know you feel the frustrations of people not achieving their goals because they havent adhered to their programme. Maybe they didnt have the belief, the trust or the motivation.  Maybe they perceived their barriers as insurmountable.

You’ve likely tried endless strategies to persuade them of the benefits, explained the reasons behind your thinking, tried to understand their reluctance, their life, their restrictions, but it doesn’t always work.

The truth is, its all about how they think!

“Hi I’m Serena Simmons, Chartered Psychologist and founder of The Psychology School. I’m delighted to work with Get Back To Sport to create this course especially for therapists.”

Even though you know the importance of understanding your patients’ health beliefs and values, actually achieving this in a short consultation and transferring it to their buy-in to your rehabilitation prescription
is anything but simple.

Here’s what to expect on this course

Rather than being overwhelmed by psychological theory, Serena expertly distills the most pertinent evidence into practical strategies and techniques that you can immediately apply to your practice!

You will cover the key elements of:

  • motivational interviewing & use of language
  • habit formation
  • goal setting
  • nudge theory


You will leave with:

  • a range of psychological tools to use with different patients to maximise their engagement and adherence to their exercise and treatment programmes.


  • AND the opportunity to come back post-course following your implementation for a live follow-up Q&A and Reflection session with Serena


What’s included

Your own personal learning area

All your learning resources and educational videos held in a single place.

Pre Course Area

A selection of tasks, readings and videos from Serena to prepare you for the live training.

Live Learning Area

Log into here on the day to take part in the live course. Plus here you’ll see the downloadable documents and resources to support your session.

Post Course Area

Log into here to take part in the live post-course Q&A and Reflection session. You’ll have a couple of weeks to try out the strategies and techniques from the course and then come back a reflect how things have gone and quiz Serena with your follow-up questions.

Can’t make the session? No problem, the recoding will be in here (and you can submit questions in advance!) The post course materials and requested resources will also be in here.

If you’re sat on the fence, thinking maybe, just remember that you have 3 months access to all recorded material! You can keep coming back again and again.

Questions? No worries, e-mail us at, we’ll be happy to help.

Course coming soon.

Got questions, or would like to run this as in-house training please get in touch:

About Serena

serena simmons_get back to sport

Serena Simmons BSc, BA, MSc, HEA, CPsychol

Serena has 25 years of experience working in the field of psychology.  She has been a Senior Psychology lecturer at Nottingham Trent University for the last 12 years and has concurrently run a private practice and Psychological Consultancy for over 10 years.

Her previous clients include the New Zealand Treasury, Department of Constitutional Affairs (UK), Eton College, HM Prison Service, Chamber of Commerce, Leeds Beckett University, MPs as well as sports teams and rehabilitating individuals and training companies.

 **Surprising Fact: Serena’s specialist area in her academic life is serial violent crime!  Google her name and you may see articles on Ian Brady and pictures of Rose West.

Serena is a Chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology.  Serena is highly regarded in her field and frequently features in major media, including ITV news, Sky News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Five Live, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail and the Conversation.

She is the founder of

a company which specialises in Peak Performance and Change.


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