Master and apply key strength & conditioning and scientific principles to elevate your rehabilitation practice

an exclusive membership academy designed for forward-thinking therapists with a good command of basic strength and conditioning principles, with Dr Claire Minshull


“Hi and welcome.

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re a therapist, clinician or rehabilitation professional searching for information on strength and conditioning.

If you already have a good basic knowledge of strength and conditioning and how to effectively use the principles, I know you realise that you can take it further to better your rehabilitation practice and patient outcomes.  To do so you need to find a course or programme that not only advances your knowledge but that is applied it to clinical practice and rehabilitation.

Introducing the

This an exclusive membership academy designed for forward-thinking therapists with a good command of basic strength and conditioning principles. 

This monthly learning and implementation programme is the first of its kind.  Here you will master learn how to apply advanced and evidenced-based strength & conditioning principles to elevate your rehabilitation and apply them to clinical practice.

What’s Included?

Inside the Academy you will receive:


A Masterclass on the monthly topic

including lessons, workshops, reviews, templates, resources.

I will take you through each topic from the fundamentals to practical implementation and all the research in-between. Masterclasses will include videoed lessons, workshops, reviews,   templates and resources.

A Private membership group

Here’s your likeminded community with which to share ideas, practice have discussions. 

Often missing for online programmes, this feature will facilitate that all important peer-learning and interaction

2 x Clinic Hours*

2 informal drop in sessions each month. Drop in and ask me anything you like!

1 x Live private group*

In these small private group coaching calls, I will guide the discussion on each monthly topic.


  • CPD certificate for each monthly topic completed
  • Discounts on some of our other great courses
  • Member topic selection – propose & vote for the study topic of the month

*We’re delighted to have a truly international community.  So fear not, live sessions will be scheduled to accommodate international times zones.

What will we cover?

Here’s a sneak peek inside the Academy to whet your appetite.

Check out the themes & topics

Mastering Scientific Principles To Accelerate Rehabilitation

  • The cross-education effect
  • Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
  • The Repeated-Bout Effect
  • Non-concurrent Training

Exercise-Stress, Performance & Injury Risk

  • Acute Fatigue
  • Cumulative Exercise Stress

  • Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness

Adjuncts and Technology for Rehabilitation & Conditioning

  • Blood Flow Restriction Training
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • Electrical Stimulation

Fuelling Rehabilitation & Tissue Remodelling

  • Nutrition

  • Hydration

  • Supplementation

Robust & Reliable Assessments

  • Hand-Held Dynamometry

  • Designing Pragmatic Performance Tests

Non-Contractile Tissue: Stress & Adaptation

  • Bone Stress Injury, Risk & Prevention

  • Ligament & Tendon Properties & Loading


  • Strength training for older adults
  • The female athlete

… and a whole lot more

Month 1:

The Cross-Education Effect

The cross-education (CE) phenomenon describes the strength gain in the opposite untrained limb following unilateral contralateral resistance training.  In healthy populations, the CE effect can induce strength gains of up to 50% (in the untrained limb) relative to the improvement in the trained limb.  In clinical populations CE can attenuate declines in strength caused by surgery and, or, immobilisation compared to standard care.  Learn all about cross-education, the evidence base and importantly how to deploy to maximal effect in clinical populations.

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We won’t spam!

Not on the Mailing List?

Get on here, receive a FREE 14-page S&C Guide for Therapists and personal notifications when the enrolment opens.

We won’t spam!

“Let me say here,

When you sign up you will get all this great content AND

you will automatically benefit from all Academy future developments, including:

  • Interviews with international experts and leaders including in allied fields (Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Psychology, MSK health
  • CPD write-up templates for your CPD folders
  • All your CPD hours for the year

  • Centralised membership site and portfolio

  • Discounted home & clinic resistance training equipment (Worldwide)
  • In-person seminars and events

What’s more, whilst I’m certain that not only is this tremendous value for money and the Academy will elevate your clinical and personal rehabilitation & conditioning, you can cancel at any time. Seriously, no questions asked no minimum notification; this has to be right for you.

The next opportunity to join will be March 2021. Any questions, please just get in touch touch: 

Is this for Me?

This is definitely for you if:

  •  You have a good understanding of the basic concepts of Strength & Conditioning, like Specificity, Overload, Progression, Periodisation
  • You understand the limitations of prescribing 3 sets of 10
  • You have some experience in integrating Strength & Conditioning concepts in your rehabilitation practice.

Consider completing my popular online
Strength & Conditioning For Therapists
programme first if:

  • You have an interest in S&C but you’re struggling to bridge that gap between S&C and Rehabilitation
  • You’re unsure of the dose-response for strength-based rehabilitation
  • You’re struggling to juggle patients, multiple outcomes and find yourself managing patients on the fly; you want more structure of what to focus on when and how

If you’re unsure, of course, please get in touch and I’ll help you out.


here to receive notification as soon as enrolment opens!

Remember, this is not just another membership site.  You should know me by now, there’s no BS and waffle, plenty of evidence-base to everything I do, whether that be from my own scientific research group and practice or from the wider literature, and I care.  It’s a blessing to work with driven, motivated and genuine therapists like you.

➜   Some other great things to consider about The Academy

We have far more tools available to us than we think

You know science is key! There are many well-established and evidence-based strategies, such as cross-education, the repeated-bout effect, non-concurrent training, but that are poorly leveraged to optimise rehabilitation and accelerate patient outcomes.  Through learning the pertinent information you will understand why AND critically how to apply them to your practice.

There’s a sweet spot for exercise stress

Exercise and rehabilitation needs to be stressful to promote adaptation, but too much could lead to fatigue and breakdown.  Become conversant with the scientific literature and the strategies to manage overload and intensity, rest and recovery, dose-response, tissue stress and  – as applied to rehabilitation settings!

Manage a varied caseload, effectively

Your rehabilitation caseload is likely to be varied – from patient profiles, injuries, pain and restrictions and you’re likely to feel more comfortable with some more than others.  With a fuller toolbox you’ll have the strategies and confidence to work effectively with a greater cross-section of patients. Learn how to manipulate rehabilitation prescriptions to work with pain, immobilisation, spasticity, inhibition.

We can draw a lot from other disciplines

You’re after patient adaption, whether that be the elite athlete, the grandmother who wants to run her 2nd marathon post COVID, or the middle-aged man with knee pain who wants to walk his dog every day.  You know S&C principles can help you tailor the very best programmes for each individual patient, but we need to fuel this adaptation and ultimately get them to participate!  We need expertise from sports medicine, nutrition and psychology to bullet-proof our prescriptions, so they get done, are individualised and  there’s the right amount and type of fuel available to enable these adaptations.

New technologies can be shiny and exciting

You’re open to new ideas to facilitate your rehabilitation prescriptions and achieve better outcomes, but you’re aware that large marketing budgets can often steamroller the poor evidence base for new approaches.  Learn the evidence base and limitations of technologies such as blood flow restriction, whole body vibration , muscle stimulation, oxygenated water (?!)  if and when to apply them and critically, how.

Still undecided?


What you might be thinking before signing up:

1. I’m really interested in joining the get Back To Sport Academy, do I have to commit for a minimal length of time?

Absolutely not. Whilst I’d love you to stay for as long as you need, if you decide after the first month it’s not for you, just cancel your subscription. No questions asked and no hard feelings. This has got to be right for you!

2. I have a busy life and practice, what happens if I fall behind?

First of all, I totally get that you’re busy!  All my courses and programmes are designed with that in mind. Second, you actually can’t ‘fall behind’ because this is entirely at your pace. All the Masterclasses are saved and accessible to you whenever you like.  So, if you’re particularly busy one month, no problems!

3. How does this differ from other Strength & Conditioning programmes and memberships?

For a start, you get personal support from me: coaching calls and live Q&A sessions, each month, that’s on top of the masterclasses, resources and the important application to rehabilitation settings. My 20+ years of experience and research in this areas means that we will bridge the gap between S&C and clinical practice, unlike many S&C programmes. Then there’s the private membership community, dialogue and shared practice from therapists across a number of disciplines…

4. I love the idea of the Get Back To Sport Academy but I’m not sure if I want to join now. Can I join later?

Yes you can. If you don’t want to join as a founding member you will be able to join when enrolment reopens in March 2021. BUT, please bear in mind that the cost of membership will increase.  Join as a founding member and you will never pay more than £37 per month.

5. Do you need a minimal level of knowledge or experience in strength and conditioning to join?

Ideally yes. The format of the monthly programme, which includes the Masterclasses, bespoke coaching calls and live Q&A sessions are specifically designed for therapists looking to take the next step in their Strength & Conditioning journey.  If you have a good appreciation of concepts such as: specificity; overload; progression; periodisation and how to integrate these into rehabilitation then this is for you.  We will explore more advanced scientific topics and show you how to apply these to your patients to elevate your rehabilitation practice.

6. Is there an option for me if I don’t have much strength and conditioning knowledge?

Absolutely yes!  You can enrol on my hugely popular and international Strength & Conditioning for Therapists course.  This is a guided 6-week implementation programme, but fear not, you can work as fast or as slow as you like. PLUS you have lifetime access to all the great content, resources and fab exercise library. See more here