Resourcing Professionals To Manage Injury

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The global consumer healthcare market will be worth over £730 billion by 2018.


Here’s how as a Exercise Professional you can make a difference and capitalise on this market.

Why bother with Injury?


1 in 6 people suffer from a musculoskeletal condition. As a Professional involved in fitness, exercise instruction and health, you likely see injury on a weekly basis. 

Our pioneering, industry-endorsed courses will help you develop your career to recruit a new client base and be more effective with your existing injured clients, helping you to enchance your earning potential.

Should we use braces and machines in rehabilitation?

What’s prompted this blurb? Well I’ve had this conversation several times over the past couple of weeks. Albeit with a slightly different approach...

Get Back To Sport’s MSK Rehab Masterclass 2019

I'm really thrilled to announce our first Masterclass! The date, venue and fantastic line up of Internationally-renowned speakers have been...

Is Vitamin D Important for Rehabilitation and Muscle Injury?

So the sun has gone, and along with it our daily dose of vitamin D. Apart from the invigorating feeling that the sun has on us, and perhaps our...

“I can’t speak highly enough of Claire’s work and I think this is what The Fitness Industry needs more of; the ability to truly help improve people’s quality of life!“

Max Reilly

Personal Trainer

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