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The Practical approach to injury managementWorkshop run by Get Back to Sport was full of practical ideas and strategies that will enable the Gym Team at Roehampton Club to have a better understanding of common MSK Injuries and how to accommodate them for our Membersbenefit.

We invited Claire and her team to Roehampton Club to help enhance our Personal Trainersknowledge and to learn the latest industry information currently available on MSK issues. There is much more emphasis on fitness professionals to be an all-encompassing catalogue of knowledge when it comes to all things health related so on going education is key.

The course highlighted the importance of building a network of health practitioners to offer well-rounded solutions for our members. We are fortunate to have physiotherapists onsite to assist us in this way. The workshop was well paced, interactive and left us all wanting to learn more!

The Roehampton Club, London

“Thanks Claire for the programme to help relieve my groin and back pain that had been giving me chronic pain for over a year. I didn’t need an operation in the end!”

Tony Barber

Bodybuilder, View Tony's Case Study

It’s difficult at times to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Not many people seem able to do this but Claire is certainly one of the few who excel at it and, with her well structured, easily accessible courses she is helping bring this skill to people who need it; those who interact with the public and are face to face with injury regularly. 

As a personal trainer it, some of the most common questions and requests I get asked are how to deal with injury, how to get rid of this or that pain and I have gained so much confidence in my ability to help people with their issues from learning from Claire’s courses and speaking to her in person. The breadth of her knowledge is quite astounding and she has managed to distil the fundamentals of her practice so successfully. 

After studying Get Back To Sport courses, more people are approaching me for help, attending my class (which is a stretch class heavily focussed on injury prevention) and the best thing is that people are returning to me reporting how their pains have subsided and they are back to their regular activities and beyond! 

I can’t speak highly enough of Claire’s work and I think this is what The Fitness Industry needs more of; the ability to truly help improve people’s quality of life!

Max Reilly

Personal Trainer

“The Training Induced Muscle Damage Course” is the second of Claire Minshull’s online courses that have completed. As a busy personal trainer, run coach and distance runner this style of learning suits me perfectly. This course was really useful. It was easy to complete, well structured and informative. As well as covering new topics to me, it also acted as a great refresher on the basics of muscle function and structure. A great online course which benefited me both professionally and personally”

Jan Lavis

Personal Trainer & UKA Run Coach

“Being a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor (at Body Function)I often get clients with a pre -existing injury, but knowing how to manage injury as an exercise professional isn’t something that is taught as part of a Personal Training qualification. This lead me to want to be in the position to help clients through their rehabilitation process, getting them back to their pre-injury state and even stronger. It was clear that there was a need within the fitness industry for exercise professionals that had this knowledge.The problem was that there was so little out there in terms of education for Personal Trainers on managing injured clients, that would give me the knowledge that I needed to play an effective role as a physical trainer within a rehabilitation process. After searching for a training provider that offered training in this area, I thankfully came cross Fundamentals of Injury Management for Exercise Professionals with Get Back to Sport via the REPS website.
It was exactly what I was looking for, it gave me the knowledge and practical tools to play an effective role in the Rehabilitation of injured clients. Not only has the course been extremely informative and enlightening, Claire has been extremely helpful and personable – I can’t thank Claire and Get Back to Sport enough, and am looking forward to further modules! I would recommend the course to all Personal Trainers and fitness professionals, especially to those that want superior knowledge.”

Dionne Jules

Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

The Injury Management course was very informative. Combining theory with several useful practical sessions gave us the opportunity to practice what we had learned. The Psychology element was really interesting and added perfectly to the course. I feel that I had advanced on my learning and was given tips and tools to implement immediately within my role

Lorca Russell

Assistant Exercise Promotion Officer – DNA Health, Gedling Borough Council

My name is Richard Kirby and I am the current First Team S&C Coach as part of the Sports Science and Medicine department at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. I Hold a Masters degree in Sports Science from the school of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation at the University of Birmingham, as well as NSCA CSCS status and current professional memberships to the UKSCA, BASES and ISAK. My role at WWFC sees me designing and implementing the reconditioning programmes for players rehabilitation post injury.

I first met Dr Minshull whilst studying for my Bachelors degree in Nottingham, but would later find myself citing her work regularly during my Masters degree. Even now I am fully qualified and certified I still often go to Claire for advice. Be that through Email, journal, seminar or practical workshop, I look to her advice on how to rehabilitate my particularly nasty or complicated injuries within my squad. Not only for the benefit of my players though, I have recently been looking for practical workshops with Claire to enhance my own understanding and CPD.

Claire was my Kinesiology for Injury Rehabilitation module lecturer and module leader during my time as an undergraduate student. It was immediately apparent to me that Claire not only knew her subject area with incredible detail but also with an undisputed passion and desire to help educate others and hone their understanding. Claire’s holistic approach encompassed a much broader topic area than was necessary for the module outlines, thus giving us better understanding of the multimodal mechanical concepts and cascading pathways leading towards injury and also post injury. Claire particularly helped me understand the prerequisites for severe injuries around the knee and how to screen/monitor and act effectively to notice the signs before injury happens. This really intrigued me and was the topic for a subsequent poster presentation I presented to Claire her self as my final piece for the module; regarding isokinetic screening for prediction of the potential future laxity of ACL and PCL injuries. This is a tool we implement and use regularly within my workplace at WWFC now to this day. Furthermore from this we also follow closely another practical session Claire showed us regarding electro mechanical delay as an injury pre-cursor. As such now as part of our pre-habilitation programme we aim to work on muscle contractility and time to stabilisation via active firing before all sessions. Again this is based on the literature and work Claire introduced me to.

Overall I have to conclude by saying that I cannot do Dr Minshull a recommendation that does her knowledge and passion justice via a letter style document. Her passion for academia and infectious attitude to help others understand her expertise within her subjects speaks for itself and has to be witnessed in person to be truly appreciated.

Richard Kirby MSc CSCS

First Team S&C Coach, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

I recently attended ‘The Practical Approach for Injury Management’ workshop run by Get Back to Sport. As a Personal Trainer with over 15 years experience I feel privileged to have worked with some great people who have had a variety of fitness goals. I am passionate when it comes to personal development, ongoing education and keeping up to date with the latest cutting edge evidenced based information out there!

With Claire’s extensive knowledge in sport and medicine, the workshop was packed with the evidence-based information I was looking for, offering practical strategies that could be adopted instantly to enhance the delivery of my sessions. It has given me a better understanding of common MSK injuries that I see with clients on a daily basis.

Serena Simmons offered a valuable insight to the psychological impact of injury and added some great motivational techniques which will definitely come in handy when guiding clients through their fitness journey.

My approach to fitness has always been one of complete wellness of the individual not only addressing the physical goals but discussing other factors such as stress levels, sleep patterns and basic nutrition. Therefore the ‘whole person’ approach to this workshop really resonated with me. It really puts the emphasis on the PERSONAL in personal training and one which will deliver better results for clients in the long term. 

I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Get Back to Sport to enhance and expand any fitness professionals toolkit giving you the edge in an ever growing market.

Sarah O’Driscol

L3 PT; Strength & Conditioning Diploma

I attended, with some of my medical staff workmates, Dr Claire Minshull’s lecture “Muscle Fatigue Current concepts for Knee Rehabilitation & Conditioning” at the MoD leisure facility at Catterick Garrison in December 2015.

The lecture was insightful, enjoyable and presented novel concepts that were underpinned by Claire’s research and experience in the area. Claire clearly demonstrates a command of her subject and an ability to contextualise and convey complex information easily. I am the head sports medic at a large football club and this lecture prompted me to consider more widely our sports medicine practice.

I would highly recommend Claire’s lectures and training to anyone who is serious about sports medicine and rehabilitation. Claire is obviously a respected member of her field and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Luis González Lago

Sports Medicine MD, Middlesborough FC

I have known Claire for years. During that time I have been privileged to be able to have access to her extensive knowledge in sports injuries and S & C.

It’s something unique in today’s high tech world that someone can explain so clearly complex theories so it can be understood by anyone.


I must also add a note of her prowess as an athlete having been the B.P.L. champion, very capable distance runner and cyclist.

Jeff Rainbow

Elite Fell Runner coach, Rugby coach, Formula One Gym

I first met Claire in 2008 when I commenced my undergraduate degree. I remember her teaching topics of injury and rehabilitation, and I found this inspiring. This was a turning point for me, and I came to the realisation that I wanted to work within this particular field.


Claire took on the role of my supervisor. She was always there to lend a helping hand and provide me with invaluable advice, giving me the confidence and support that I needed as I battled through the daunting task of carrying out novel research.


I remember vividly, sitting on the bus on my way home from university, with Claire sat beside me asking about my aspirations. She put forward the concept of further study and even completing a PhD, which at the time admittedly I just wanted a break from education. However, after receiving my results and being astonished at what I had achieved, I applied for a Master’s degree. 


My initial application was unfortunately unsuccessful, but Claire had taught me to never give up on my dreams and helped me to appreciate my true potential. So through a lot of hard work and dedication, I did eventually get onto the course, and I am now on my way towards my dream job. To this day I am still considering the concept of completing a PhD.

Shani Prime BSc

Final Year Pre-registration Physiotherapy Student

As a Senior Physiotherapist at Nottingham Forest Football Club, I first approached Claire to assist us in late stage testing for one of our players who was recovering from knee surgery. Claire was not only able to provide expertise on the test we required but also suggested additional tests that she had developed. These were beneficial in giving us further information about the readiness of the player to return from injury.

With Claire heavily involved in research I found her to be a great source of information and we continued to work with her over the years with various players. I would certainly recommend Claire who is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with; we appreciate the work she did for us at Nottingham Forest Football Club and wish her well in the future.


Senior Physiotherapist, Nottingham Forest F.C

Claire offers a professional and personal service- she demonstrated impressive knowledge and understanding of my dance injury, and she provided me with simple and effective techniques for a full recovery. With few bespoke rehab programmes available to dancers, I would strongly recommend Claire.

Dr Seema Patel

Thanks Claire for the programme which took me from arthroscopy to skiing better, safer and faster in two months. The results of the programme were immediately obvious and confidence boosting as well as a good set up for the cycle season. Claire has helped me gain confidence in my knees through a programme designed specifically for my needs and sports.

I was recommended to speak to Dr Claire Minshull 3 months after an arthroscopy, I contacted her by email explaining the problems I faced with my knees, following this Claire phoned me and we discussed a programme suited to skiing, I received this programme very quickly and was able to start training immediately. The service didn’t end there, as Claire continually checked on my progress through emails and then developed a second 6 week programme to develop more muscular control and bulk.

Following 5 years, and 4 operations to both ACL’s, I feel my confidence is building within competitive sporting situations, and realised rehabilitation must be specific to the sport you wish to return to. Claire’s knowledge is exceptional, and this is why I would recommend a programme if you are as serious about sport, and getting the best return possible post operation.

Dr Peter Barling

Claire really understood me. She understood why I struggle with prioritizing the exercise my body needs. I went to her for help because I was suffering from back and neck pain due to bad posture. She created an amazing program that was both well thought out and realistic.

Claire really knows her stuff! She knows what women need in order to have strong healthy bodies. I would recommend anyone who needs a focus with their exercise or is struggling with some sort of pain to contact Claire.

Rosjke Hasseldine

Coach, Mother Daughter Coach

I first got talking to Claire after seeing her at my local gym; she was clearly passionate about her training and it was immediately infectious. I was finding that I just needed something more from the gym and to actually feel engaged with what I was doing rather than just plodding through.

Claire was efficient and dedicated in assessing my needs and asking about my lifestyle as a whole. She knew exactly what my goals were and made me feel confident about achieving them before we even had our first session which was a real motivator.

I think that what is unique about Claire’s approach is the amount of knowledge she has around her subject. As someone who’s relatively new to the gym and to physical training, there are so many myths about how women should train and what gets results. Claire explained the rationales behind the way she was training me in a way that really helped me to feel confident and more connected with what I was doing.

If there was anything I wasn’t sure about, Claire responded attentively and took the time to ensure I understood. She clearly enjoys what she does and that really came across. The follow-up contact was again really motivating and reinforcing.

Claire is kind and enthusiastic and she really does care about helping people like me to access their potential.

I absolutely love my training and I’ve never felt more strong and healthy.

Zoe Bell Boule

Claire has helped me gain confidence in my knees through a programme designed specifically for my needs and sports. I was recommended to speak to Dr Claire Minshull 3 months after an arthroscopy, I contacted her by email explaining the problems I faced with my knees, following this Claire phoned me and we discussed a programme suited to skiing. I received this programme very quickly and was able to start training immediately. The service didn’t end there, as Claire continually checked on my progress through emails and then developed a second 6 week programme to develop more muscular control and bulk.

Following 5 years, and 4 operations to both ACLs, I feel my confidence is building within competitive sporting situations, and realised rehabilitation must be specific to the sport you wish to return to. Claire’s knowledge is exceptional, and this is why I would recommend a programme if you are as serious about sport, and getting the best return possible post operation.

Ross Howcroft-Jones

Skiing Instructor

I called Dr Claire Minshull in October feeling upset and lost, having just found out that I had moderately advanced arthritis in my knee, it is becoming various and I have a probable tear in the medial meniscal cartilage.

As a fellow physiologist and I have a reasonable understanding of muscle function, diet and exercise, I had decided that it was with in my control to impact my weight and muscle bulk. After attending the gym a number of times, I was struggling with pain I began to wonder what else I could do to improve my knee. I had noticed that other supporting muscles where feeling sore post work out and was questioning if I was taking the correct approach, knowing that Claire had an excellent knowledge of resistance training, muscle function and degenerative conditions, I called her.

Following spending over an hour on the phone with Claire, I felt reassured and more confident that I was doing the correct exercises and got a few more exercises to add to my list.

Three months on, I have lost just under one stone in weight, and my muscle bulk is improving, my pain is much more tolerable and I get a better quality, longer sleep at night. I am not waking up in pain as much and even on my worse day, the pain has improved in comparison to how it felt three months ago.

Claire gave me practical, helpful support, that I could include in my exercise and daily routines. I would recommend her services that anyone suffering with joint problems. Talk to Dr Minshull, her advice is practical and geared to the need of her clients, whether you’re an exercise instructor, Doctor, engineer or sports enthusiast.

Once again Claire, many thanks for your professional advice and support, you most defiantly got me through a dark patch and out the other side.

Dr Vicky Marginson

Play and Physcial Activity Officer