[LECTURE] When to Focus on Muscle Strength, In Rehab?

Posted by Claire
June 12, 2020

Hey There. How are things with you today? I hope you’re well. As you may have seen, I’ve been busy on the webinar circuit recently. It’s been delightful to connect with so many different people from all over the World and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed delivering a multitude of different sessions for several esteemed colleagues. I thought I’d share with you a session I did recently that really focusses our thoughts about when to focus on muscle strength, in rehab.

When to focus on muscle strength, in rehab?

You may say, well all the time, or throughout rehabilitation why wouldn’t we? Well. let me share with you my thoughts on “Why We Shouldn’t be Focussing on Muscle Strength in End-Stage Rehab” and thank Benoy Mathew @function2fitnes for the invitation to contribute to his very successful (and hugely attended) May webinar series.

Click the picture below to watch the presentation.

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