What is Conditioning Efficacy?

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Hi there and welcome to post 60 of Strength & Conditioning For Therapists. When I started this series almost exactly two years ago, I never thought it would become so popular and would go for this long. I’m delighted that is has, and that it’s still going strong. There’s still so much to cover! Okay so back to today, I’d like to share with you a concept I developed: what is conditioning efficacy and how can you use it to enhance your practice?

Conditioning Efficacy: Being Effective in Rehabilitation

I hope you enjoy this short video.

Effective Exercise Design

Conditioning efficacy might be difficult to achieve with patient populations in that they often present in pain, with clinical restrictions and other difficulties. For help with how to design effective exercise, have a look back at the previous post on: Maintaining Specificity Through Exercise Adaptation.


These concepts come from a book chapter I recently wrote in the brilliant text: A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Physiology and Injury Management: an interdisciplinary approach.

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