Training Induced Muscle Damage

This online course, authored by Dr Claire Minshull, Rehabilitation & Conditioning Specialist explains the science behind muscle damage in 5 palatable modules and is especially applicable to:


Exercise Professionals, PTs,  S&C Coaches

Yoga Teachers

Sport Therapists





This course specifically focusses on muscle damage induced by training, formally termed: Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage (EIMD). We will look at the causal processes and mechanisms, the effects on muscle performance, injury risk and how you can use muscle damaging interventions to your advantage!


Also, you’ll find out just how useful stretching is before exercise and if ice bathing is worth the pain!


1. Understand the basic properties of contractile and non-contractile tissue & their patterns of loading during different types of muscle contraction


2. Understand the fundamental causes of exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) and the principal symptoms and consequences


3. Understand the time frame for recovery of crucial aspects of muscle performance


4. Be able to describe the principles of the the repeated-bout effect


5. Critically-evaluate the strategies used for the prevention of exercise-induced muscle damage


6. Understand how to use exercise-induced muscle damage effectively to enhance performance and reduce injury risk





Module 1

Muscle structure & function – recap

Recap of the structure and function of skeletal muscle; the functional unit of skeletal muscle (sarcomere); sliding filament theory & types of muscle contraction & action

Module 2

Types and properties of contractile & non-contractile tissue

Properties of contractile and non-contractile tissue; role of connective tissue in muscle force transmission; loading patterns of contractile and non-contractile tissue during concentric and eccentric muscle actions

Module 3

Exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD); mechanisms, processes & effects and performance

What exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) is and isn’t; how does muscle damage happen and what are the effects on muscle function and physical performance; symptoms and causes of (EIMD), including DOMS; length-tension relationship of muscle

Module 4

Recovery from EIMD

The time course of recovery of performance and symptoms of EIMD; muscle recovery and adaption following EIMD; the repeated-bout effect

Module 5

Management and utility of EIMD in exercise, training & injury prevention


Myth-busting; common strategies fro reducing DOMS & EIMD; how to use eccentric exercise & EIMD to benefit training and injury prevention

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We aim to give you the most up-to-date scientific information but importantly with a practical application. Therefore, by the end of the course, you’ll have a detailed understanding of muscle injury caused by exercise and the practical applications to both manage and use it with your client or patient the very next day.

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