The Cross-Education Effect;
What It Is & How To Use It



Dr Claire Minshull PhD, BSc, PGCHE

The cross-education (CE) phenomenon describes the strength gain in the opposite untrained limb following unilateral contralateral resistance training. In healthy populations the CE effect can induce strength gains of up to 50% (in the untrained limb) relative to the improvements in the trained limb. In clinical populations CE can attenuate declines in strength caused by surgery, and, or, immobilisation compared to standard care. Learn all about CE, the evidence base and importantly how to deploy to maximal effect in clinical populations.

Topic: Mastering Scientific Principles

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6 Videos

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A 1h 50 m evidence-based Masterclass on the cross-education effect and how to use it

Published Papers

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Immediately implementable strategies and protocols to use with your patients/athletes


Worksheets of tasks & reflective practice

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The Cross-Education Effect;
What It Is & How To Use It


Dr Claire Minshull PhD, BSc, PGCHE


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About Dr Claire Minshull


The founder of Get Back To Sport, Claire is one of the most highly respected and research active rehabilitation and conditioning specialists in the UK. She has worked in the field of sports medicine and health for over 20 years as a Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant and as a Practitioner. She has designed, led and managed major clinical and nonclinical research trials, supervised several PhD students, and has published over 30 research papers in leading peer-reviewed sports medicine journals. She is regularly invited to speak at national and international academic and professional symposia and, serves as expert reviewer for >10 scientific peer-reviewed journals. 

Claire’s research and teaching interests include the influences of exercise, training and rehabilitation on dynamic joint stability, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal performance. Her work also focusses on the optimisation of the management of osteoarthritis and developing specialised rehabilitation protocols for enhancing function and performance. Claire’s area of expertise means that she uniquely spans the gap between the physiology of conditioning and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.  She founded her company Get Back To Sport to enable the transference of research findings into enhancing clinical practice, and has developed the teaching portfolio that has an international reach.

Masterclass Topics:

Mastering Scientific Principles


Adjuncts and Technology

Fuelling Rehabilitation

Assessing Performance

Non-Contractile Tissue



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