Case Study

Nigel Hobson

Age: 61

Problem: Knee Osteoarthritis

Time experienced: Severe pain 12 months+

The Problem

Muscle wastage and severe knee pain that restricted walking and impaired quality of life.  

The Plan

A 6-week progressive programme of muscle strength training complimented by a specially-designed knee brace to unload the painful side of the knee.

The Outcome

Immediately improved pain with the brace, which also improved the effectiveness of muscle strengthening programme. Vastly improved function, ability to walk long distances and exercise without pain.

“Having had a meniscectomy for a torn cartilage forty three years ago, my knee joint is now badly affected by osteoarthritis, and will require joint replacement surgery. However my orthopaedic consultant has advised delaying surgery for as long as possible due to my young age – 61! What to do in the meantime with an unstable knee, and muscle wastage?

I approached Dr Claire Minshull and she was able to help me with regime of muscle strengthening exercises, and an expertly fitted knee brace. Not only does my knee feel more stable, enabling me to be more active, but the exercises have strengthened my leg, and have reduced the level of pain. From initial consultation, to backup support and advice, Claire’s professional attention is first class. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire Minshull to anyone with a similar problem.“

Nigel Hobson


It was a pleasure to work with Nigel, a motivated and previously very active guy who at the time was living in Scotland. Unfortunately when I saw him the pain in his knee was so bad that even low impact walks would be too painful to complete and he’d suffer the symptoms into the next day. 

We started with a 6-week programme and then built-in a weekly gym maintenance programme. I’m really pleased that we’ve managed to put off the thoughts of a knee replacement for a long time to come and he’s now able to get fully involved with his daughter’s house renovations without a second thought!