Master Injury-Aware Personal Trainer (iPTMASTER)

Achieve Injury-Aware Personal Trainer Mastery certification by completing the training bundle of individual modules outlined below.

Who Would Benefit from iPT Master Certification?

We’re super excited about the development of this course. Once you’ve complete your iPT and iPTA training, you’ll be granted access to our iPTMASTER training. it’ll be unlike anything on the market. 

Achieve Master Injury-Aware Personal Trainer (iPTA) certification by completing the curriculum of training and examinations.  Coming soon…! 

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Pre requisites: iPTADVANCED

Fundamentals of Injury Management

This online course is designed to help personal trainers and exercise professionals to work with the injured client effectively. It will expand your knowledge of injury & healing, develop your creative skills in exercise adaptation and teach you cutting-edge training techniques you accelerate you client’s rehabilitation journey.



Scope of Practice

 This online course will increase your knowledge of the treatment pathways for MSK conditions, teach you the role and scope of an iPT and where you ‘sit’ in the client journey. It will also resource you to identify when to refer to healthcare professionals and a strategy to do this



Practical Approach to Injury Management   

In this extended 1.5 day workshop we will teach you about injury and practical strategies you can implement to tailor your conditioning for specific groups with specific rehabilitation and conditioning needs, including older and pre- and post-surgery populations. You will practically apply cutting-edge theory.

Day 2 includes a case-study assessment.