The Critical Components of Muscle Power & RFD

& How to Apply them to Rehabilitation


17th Jan 7pm UK Time


18th Jan 12:30pm UK Time

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In this webinar you will learn…

Clarity & Precision

There are very important differences between strength, power & rate of force development (RFD).
Know these & you can craft super specific & effective interventions.

Where to put power / RFD training in your rehab

At the start of any rehab programme, where there are often a multitude of things to consider, making the decision what to focus on can be challenging. We look at a systematic approach to help you decide where & actually IF to integrate power training.

The critical component to any power training exercise

If you don’t have time to plan and deliver progressive, periodised programmes, what simple thing can you do to differentiate exercise to specifically train power.

Alternatives to plyometrics

There are other, very effective ways to train explosive force production, not everything is a box jump!


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Making Sense of Muscle Power
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