Injury Management Training

Have you, or your clients, ever been to the GPs with a sore knee, back or sports injury and been sent away with pain killers – that didn’t solve the problem?

Professionals in the health, fitness and allied industries have inadvertently become involved at the front-line of injury management.  This is because there is a national shortfall in exercise conditioning and therapy services for musculoskeletal injury prevention, management injury and rehabilitation (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, 2016), individuals are not satisfied with the prescription of pain killers that treat the symptoms and not the cause and they are seeking out their own solutions to their problems. Thus strength and conditioning coaches, yoga instructors, personal trainers, pilates teachers, massage therapists, to name but a few professions are now tasked more than ever with getting injured people back to their sports and daily activities. 

What Do We Do?

Get Back To Sport have developed a revolutionary curriculum of training to equip you to become the best, most effective professional in injury management.

Our Injury Management Training has been developed using the combined experience (>60 years) of experts in the fields of sports medicine, physiotherapy and psychology to provide industry-leading, evidenced-based training to resource you to manage injuries. This means that you will not only learn the most up-to-date science behind rehabilitation and training, you will learn how to practically apply it!


Why have we developed this training?

Across the UK over 380,000 sports injuries are treated in A&E per year; 8.5 million people suffer from painful joints. Knee, back and sports injuries cost economy >£7 billion per year in absenteeism alone. There is an epidemic of untreated musculoskeletal problems in the community. Management of these conditions require targeted exercise, in addition to physiotherapy, to maintain physical activity, prevent sedentary behaviour and optimise recovery. Fundamental qualifications do not resource individuals in the health and fitness industries to deal with injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.


What is Injury Management Training?

Injury Management Training comprises of a programme of online and in-person CPD (Continual Professional Development) education and training to provide the skills and knowledge required to manage musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

How will I Benefit From Injury Management Training?

In addition to expanding your injury-related knowledge and skills, being able to recruit a new client group and offering a premium service, you will gain the following by studying with Get Back To Sport: 

Get Back To Sport Membership; become a part of an exclusive community of elite health and fitness professionals 

Client referrals. We’re building a referral network to benefit our members. As we grow, you’ll receive new clients directly without having to search for them 

Monthly newsletter: be the first to hear about new courses, exclusive member offers, training tips and new injury/rehabilitation research

Expert insights and articles from Get Back To Sport’s affiliate practitioners and scientists

12 REPs CPD points


How can I qualify to manage injuries?

Complete the bundle of training and the assessment. This comprises: 

Online Module: The Fundamentals of Injury Management: (approx. 8 hours of leaning)

Online Module: Scope of Practice (approx. 6 hours of learning)

1 Day workshop: A Practical Approach to Injury Management  (approx. 8 hours of learning)

Online assessment


What is Injury Management PLUS?

Injury Management PLUS training is designed for those who work in healthcare settings, in unison with healthcare professionals, and, or, work primarily with older populations.

This training involves the same training and assessment as the basic Injury Management pathway, plus an additional half-day workshop, and practical assessment.


Injury Management Clarity Board

Injury Management Does:

Injury Management Does Not:

Provide industry recognised training to enhance your knowledge of injury and skills to work with the injured in a fitness setting

Provide a clinical qualification

Teach you how to accommodate injry & MSK conditions and adapt exercise

Not qualify you to diagnose or treat injury, or any MSK condition

Teach you how to work in conjunction with physiotherapy & communicate with a clinical team

Replace Physiotherapy

Still Thinking About It?

We understand that personal trainers, fitness instructors, pilates and yoga teachers etc. are inundated with requests and invitations to do the next best CDP or training course.  Whilst many are interesting and fun, unfortunately, the majority do little to dramatically increase incomes.  

Why? Well it’s another way to attract an already existing client population.  Maybe clients will migrate to you from other instructors, trainers or coaches but invariably their tastes will change, the cycle starts again and clients migrate to the next ‘big thing’. 

Get Back To Sport’s industry-leading Injury Management Training enables you to access an entirely new client base; these clients are are people who have injuries, are rehabilitating after surgery, or are suffering from early osteoarthritic changes.

Our courses will teach you how to accommodate the injured client, deal with injuries and adapt exercise.  You, therefore, won’t need to turn clients away if they have a sore knee, and in fact you’ll be able to grow your client base.  Did you know that the global consumer healthcare market will be worth over £730 billion by 2018? With Get Back To Sport’s training you can join other members who have capitalised – by providing a solution for people who are looking to remedy their health problems.