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Explaining technical medical terms and injuries in accessible language to football people is not a simple thing to do. Players (and coaches as well as parents) want to understand the basics but more importantly they want the practical information: outlines about how, potential reasons why, and crucially ways to prevent and recover.

Dr. Claire Minshull addressed five types of knee injuries common in a contact sport like football and without patronizing or bamboozling, and with relevant and simple imagery, provided the readers of our women’s football magazine with the knowledge they needed to get to grips with #kneeknack in its most regular and frustrating guises. She ‘gets it’.  

Jen O’Neil


“I would highly recommend Claire’s lectures and training to anyone who is serious about sports medicine and rehabilitation”

– Catterick Garrison, December 2015

Ministry of Defence Physiotherapy study evening; Muscle Fatigue; Current Concepts for Knee Rehabilitation & Conditioning.

Chanel 8 Notts TV: regular contributor/guest on topical and debate programmes

Appearances on BBC TV East Midlands News and BBC Radio Nottingham : topics.. health, sports performance and injury risk’ 

PhysioLearn: Study evening – invited lecture: Rehabilitation; what is it and does it work? Leeds Rhinos, July 2016

Let Me Play Summer Athletics Camp: Invited workshop for young athletes: Injury prevention, Loughborough University, August 2016

Higher Education Seminars: Invited Keynote: Evidence-Based Practice Conference: How to really rehabilitate strength; the glaring omission of basic principles in rehabilitation research. Kings College, London, October 2016 – View Here

”Thank you; the best presentation of the whole conference!”

– Therapy Expo: Dynamic Joint Stability; Rehabilitating the emergency response. Birmingham NEC, November 2016

DSM Nutrition Ltd: Conference, Lipids and Health: Risk, Reward and Revelation: Invited Keynote:, Neuromuscular function and falls-related fragility fractures; does vitamin D have a role to play? London November 2015

Extended Scope Practitioners: National Study Day: Invited Keynote: “Joint Issues? Physical Activity, Neuromuscular Function and Obesity”, Edinburgh, May 2015 

Leisure Industry Week: Resourcing Rehabilitation for the Health & Fitness Industry., Birmingham NEC, September 2015 

Higher Education Seminars: Invited Keynote: Lower Limb Specialists – a master class. Invited Keynote: Rehabilitating the Emergency Response. September 2015 

“Thank you Claire. It was an inspiring talk and immensely interesting.”

– Register of Exercise Professional (REPs); CPD Roadshows: How to manage injuries and accommodate the injured client. Throughout the UK, 2016.