The PFJ: From Pain to Performance

The Complete Guide to PFJ Rehabilitation

Go Beyond The Clamshell

This evidence-based in-person course will take you from feeling unclear about PFP diagnosis & rehabilitation to feeling confident to manage even the trickiest presentation. 

Claire Robertson
Consultant Physiotherapist (PFP)

Patellofemoral pain (PFP)

is such a common complaint. From sedentary to athletic populations, the origins vary; diagnosis & rehabilitation can be difficult to nail.  The amazing and international authority on the PFJ, Claire Robertson will help you navigate through the maze of fat pad pain, patellofemoral OA and more.

Then what to do about rehabilitation?

Focus on hypertrophy or strength? Endurance or proprioception? How do you account for symptoms without compromising your training load? Internationally-renowned for rehab and conditioning, Dr Claire Minshull will teach you how to construct the most effective and simple rehab plans that align with your patients’ goals, and that help reduce reinjury.

Dr Claire Minshull
Rehabilitation & Conditioning Specialist

Take your knowledge & skills to the next level with this comprehensive and practical..

1-Day in-person course

Delivered by 2 internationally-acclaimed tutors & practitioners, you will leave with new diagnostic mastery,  rehabilitation expertise and a practical skill set to use with each of your patients with PFP – including the postpartum mum, high-performance runner and everyone in-between.

What will you become accomplished at after this course?

Combining 50 years' experience

Introducing your expert tutors

Claire Robertson


Claire Robertson qualified in 1994 with a BSc(hons) Physiotherapy. She obtained her MSc Physiotherapy, in 2003 and PGCE in 2006. Claire has worked in the NHS, academia and private practice, and currently runs a specialist patellofemoral clinic at Wimbledon Clinics. She continues to lecture internationally and publish her research in internationally peer-reviewed journals, and has won research grants to support this. Claire runs her own post-graduate course on patellofemoral problems for physiotherapists, and is a member of both the committee for the British Patellofemoral Society and sub-committee of British Association for Surgery of the Knee

Dr Claire Minshull


Claire Minshull has worked in the field of sports medicine and health for > 25 years as a Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant and Practitioner. She has designed, led and managed major clinical and nonclinical research trials, supervised several PhD students, and has published > 30 research papers. She lectures internationally at academic and professional symposia and serves as expert reviewer for many scientific peer-reviewed journals. Claire’s research and teaching interests include the influences of exercise and rehabilitation on neuromuscular performance, with a special focus on osteoarthritis. She is director of Get Back To Sport; an international company providing evidenced-based training to optimise rehabilitation for healthcare practitioners.


The PFJ: From Pain to Performance

The complete Guide to PFJ Rehabilitation

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