Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for sports people?
We’re not just about sport, we’re about health too. Our training is designed to resource fitness professionals to manage injuries in people who want to return to competition through older populations with an osteoarthritic knee who want to be able to walk the dog.
What is an iPT?
An Injury-Aware Personal Trainer, or iPT for short, is a fitness professional who has undertaken Get Back To Sport’s programme of education and training to up-skill them in injury management.
How do I become an iPT?
Simple complete the bundle of training, in any order, and pass the assessment.
What is iPTPLUS?
iPTPLUS training is designed for those who work in healthcare settings, in unison with healthcare professionals, and, or, work primarily with older populations [link].  This training involves an additional half-day workshop, and practical assessment.
What do i get by becomming an IPT?

Membership of Get Back To Sport’s elite community
Enhanced knowledge and skills in management of injury and MSK problems
The ability to better serve and retain your current clients
Increased earning potential and new client base
Client referrals as we develop partnerships
Newsletter containing expert insights, training tips and injury research from our community of elite practitioners plus exclusive member offers

Do I have to be a L3 personal trainer to do the courses?
No. We recognise that not everyone who has a good level of knowledge and experience in physical conditioning, exercise instruction and therapy has a L3 Personal Trainer qualification. We’re happy to take any student with this background and with a desire to learn!. You may also wish to study our courses for personal development and interest, which is also fine. (If you collect REPs CPD points you will need L3 Personal Trainer).
Do I need to complete the iPT / iPT modules in order?
Complete online Module 1: Fundamentals of Injury Management first. The remaining 2 modules can be completed in any order.
I’m Injured, is there anyone that can help me?
Yes! Dr Minshull works with injured clients and patients, in person and through a successful Remote Rehab approach. Thus, you don’t need to be in the Nottingham area to benefit from her pioneering approach and accelerate your rehabilitation journey. Get in touch here to arrange a free consultation. Check out the testimonials page to hear from previous clients.

Question Not Answered?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to get in touch & we will be happy to help