Learn About Injuries & How To Manage Them

Do you have clients with injuries or musculoskeletal problems?

Do you know how to manage their problem, and feel comfortable doing so?

Are you interested in injury because you have one? 

Would you like to learn more about injury, clinical conditions and rehabilitation?

Would you like the skills and resources to manage injury?


What we do

Get Back To Sport provides industry leading research informed training and CPD for health and fitness professionals to manage injuries.

This training enables you to manage your client’s injury, tailor exercise to help them recover and work collaboratively as part of a wider treatment team. You will be resourced to help a wide range of people, including those who: have acute sports injuries; are rehabilitating after surgery; are suffering from early osteoarthritic changes. Read on to find out more.

Our Courses Will Enable You To:


Competently deal with injuries and adapt exercise


Confidently accommodate the injured client


Provide a premium service & retain clients with injury & musculoskeletal problems


Help clients on their rehabilitation journey


Understand the most common musculoskeletal conditions


Communicate effectively with a clinical team


Recruit an entirely new client base

You can pick from a range of courses and modules to suit your needs 


Achieve certification in Injury Management by completing the training bundle of modules. Buy as a bundle and receive £125 discount, or complete the modules individually. 

Get Back To Sport Membership is Currently FREE

Just complete the required modules and assessment to achieve certification in Injury Management

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Injury Management Training

Learn the essentials of how to manage injuries within health and fitness settings. 

Practice cutting edge techniques of exercise design & adaptation.

Injury Management Training

Study the Injury Management curriculum, plus enhanced content designed for those working in healthcare settings or with older populations.

Advanced Injury Management Training

Learn more about the body’s response to conditioning, fatigue, ageing and injury. Delve deeper into current research, exercise design & psychological theory.

Coming soon

Master Injury Management Training

Master the management of specific MSK conditions. Lean important measurement and assessment techniques and advanced topics of psychology of behaviour change.

Coming soon

These courses are not clinical qualifications; they do not teach you how to diagnose or treat injury. They DO give you a deeper understanding of injuries and clinical musculoskeletal conditions that can affect health, physical function and activity status. We will teach you the theory and science behind injury risk, prevention and rehabilitation and practically guide you how to implement key training techniques with your injured clients to accommodate their injury, keep them active and help accelerate their rehabilitation journey.

Fitness professionals are at the front line of injury management, we will resource you to make a difference and to be the best, most effective practitioners in injury management!