Case Study

Tony Barber

Age: 39

Problem: Hip flexor strain

Time experienced: 12 months

The Problem

Daily cocktail of painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Couldn’t walk or sit without debilitating pain. Disrupted sleep. Couldn’t exercise. Frustration of not knowing what was wrong. 

The Plan

7-weeks of daily and progressive exercise focusing on flexibility, muscular endurance, stability and control of the lower back, core and hip regions.

The Outcome

Complete recovery of hip flexor problem within 7 weeks! Pain free walking, sitting and jogging. No need for painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

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“Thanks Claire for the programme to help relieve my groin and back pain that had been giving me chronic pain for over a year. I didn’t need an operation in the end!“

Tony Barber



I was really pleased to be able to help Tony, an otherwise very active guy. Unfortunately, the professionals he saw were unable to remedy his problem. I was able to identify that he was suffering from a hip flexor strain and secondary problems that had developed over the 12-months of deconditioning.

With a simple, progressive programme of exercise I was delighted to see his hip pain had completely gone after only 7 weeks. He’s now extended his goals from walking without pain, to getting back into bodybuilding training. 

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