About Us

Delivering world class injury research and training

Get Back To Sport provides industry-leading training for fitness professionals to up-skill to manage injury.

Our vision is to drive innovative and collaborative practice across healthcare and fitness sectors in injury management and rehabilitation through the provision of research-informed and evidence-based education and training.

We’re not just about sport, we’re about health too. Get Back To Sport was developed to ‘plug the hole’ of a community epidemic of musculoskeletal (MSK) problems that are inadequately managed – caused by stretched NHS services and lack of resources.

We are passionate about creating a new, quickly-accessible tier of service to manage injury.  We achieve this by providing fitness professionals who are now positioned on the front line of injury management with the training and skills needed to both help their own clients with sore knees, backs and sports injuries and to serve those who are searching for help.

This isn’t just the ‘next best thing’ in training like HIIT, kettle bells and Tabata. This is a movement, which involves an entirely new client group, a new suite of education and a huge opportunity to serve the hundreds of thousands of people across the UK with MSK problems.

All of our courses and content is developed by experts with PhDs or equivalent mastery in disciplines such as sports medicine, physiotherapy, physical conditioning and psychology, with decades of combined experience within clinical, rehabilitation and conditioning settings.

Our courses exist to equip fitness professionals to competently and confidently manage clients with musculoskeletal problems and, to provide a quickly accessible solution to those with injuries who want to keep active.

Get Back To Sport has an Advisory Board, which comprises of experts from disciplines of orthopaedic surgery, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and health and physical activity. This Board provides independent quality control and ensures the relevance and rigour of all our courses.

These facets of our company stand us out form the crowd of other training providers and are the reasons why we have such credibility with those who will refer clients on to you.

Get Back To Sport is the vision of Dr Claire Minshull.  She has spent almost two decades working within academic, healthcare and private business settings researching and implementing brand new methods of rehabilitation and conditioning.  She has invested her years of expertise into creating the best, industry-leading training in injury management, conditioning and rehabilitation.

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