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Treatments for Knee Pain

What to do for knee pain? Here's a little figure I made to outline some of the most commonly-used treatments for one pain, specifically knee osteoarthritis (OA).  An absolute myriad of options! As the patient, how do you know where to start, who to go to and who to...

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Should We Scan Painful Hips?

What's the use of scanning or x-raying a painful hip or knee for that matter? If you're a clinician or healthcare professional reading this, you will know that there is limited correlation between the 'abnormalities' we see on a scan and symptoms or pain that are...

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What is Pain? Can we influence it?

Pain, it's a complex thing.  It's definately not pleasant if you're experiencing it and, as a practitioner / therapist it's a difficult cycle to break. Pain influences behaviour, which influences activity, which influences muscle conditioning .... which ultimately...

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What IS muscle power?

I had a really interesting discussion over Twitter the other night with some esteemed physios S&C coaches and exercise physiologists about muscle power. It all started off by @tomgoom posting a question; he asked people what their top academic paper on developing...

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