Ronaldo’s Knee

Ronaldo’s Knee

Did you hazard a guess? I’m sure many of you saw the incident that caused Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit from the 2016 European Cup finals. For those who didn’t here’s a couple of stills form the game, courtesy of kinetmd and the Sun Newspaper, respectively. OUCH! What you...

Are You Injury-Aware?

The global consumer healthcare market will be worth over £730 billion by 2018. Here’s how as a Personal Trainer you can make a difference and capitalise on this market before anyone else. Over 380,000 sports are injuries treated per year; over 80,000 knee replacements...

How The Sun Can Make Us Stronger

Vitamin D Apart from the energising feeling the sun may have on us, it has another important function. Sunlight is responsible for the production of vitamin D in our skin. Did you know that over a billion people Worldwide are vitamin D deficient? Unfortunately,...

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